Financial Advisers Compared | About Us
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About Us

Our aim is to provide a service that will help individuals find the advice they require.

We believe in the quality of advice, that the professionals looking after your finances should be the market leaders in their area, the performance of your investments should be good against the peer group, and the fees should be competitive and low.

Good financial planning and investment management should add value and provide you with peace of mind. It should be flexible and adjust with your individual needs during the course of your life. Ultimately it should provide you with the confidence that your finances are being managed and working for you to meet your goals in life.

Having worked in the financial markets industry for over twenty years we have been fortunate to work with a number of very good Investment and Independent Financial Advice firms during this time. These companies pride themselves on providing their clients with the highest quality of advice and service they can. They are dynamic in their approach to providing advice to their clients, providing a level of expertise and knowledge which sets them aside from other firm’s operating in this area. This allows them to provide a consistent level of service to their clients.

All of the firms we refer to have been recognised over the years for the quality of the service they provide by the financial professional bodies and have been awarded a number of prestigious awards which is detailed with each company we refer to.

Our overall aim through this service is to provide individuals with the benefit of our experience when looking for an advisor. We understand the benefit of having a quality advisor and the money they can save you over time, so we will only provide this through our service. The companies we refer to you will then provide you with a tailored service that will meet your individual needs and aspirations.