Financial Advisers Compared | How we work?
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How we work?

From your initial email enquiry we will take the time to understand how best we can assist your situation we will work with you from this point to ensure the Independent Financial Advisor or Investment Advisor you require meets your needs.

The initial request provided from the website will give us an overview of what area of assistance you require. We will then arrange for one of our Financial Advisers Compared advisers to contact you.

Some requests for assistances can be completed over the email, or you may like us to contact you by telephone to discuss your request in more detail.

Once we have a complete understanding of the type of advice you are looking for; for example if you are looking for information on Investment, Stock & Share ISA, Pension, Pension Transfer, Defined Benefit Information, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Planning.

Or if you are looking for a more complex request for assistance such as :

  • You may already have Investments or a Pension with an existing Independent Financial Advisor and Investment provider and you would like some additional information on the services provided and charges so you can compare.
  • You may like some information about transferring your existing portfolio. Our advisors would be happy to discuss this with you and explain the process and charges at a free meeting with no obligation. If you did consider transferring we can arrange for the transfer of your investments with no initial investment charge and a reduced on going fee.
  • Or you may be a new investor or wish to transfer an existing portfolio from another investment company. This may also be a good opportunity to consolidate your investments, including ISAs, under a single investment strategy. We can also look into this for you.
  • We cover all forms of financial and investment advice from Investment, Investment ISA, Pension, Pension Transfer, Defined Benefit Transfer, Retirement Planning, Inheritance Planning and Protection

We will be happy to assist at any level.

  • We will then take the time to provide you with an honest overview of the companies we refer to. All of the advisors and firms are FCA Regulated and provide Whole of Market Advice.
  • We will provide a description of each company and how each company provides their advice, together with the level of their service.
  • We will also provide information on their past performance together with their fee structure.

The companies themselves will take the time to clarify and assess your financial requirements and goals. This will enable them to create a structured and well thought out plan which will have your goals and aspirations at the heart of it. The plan will look to protect your wealth and lifestyle, manage your tax position and help fulfill your everyday needs.

The area of Investment and Pension advice will be tailored around your individual situation. The companies we work with all provide bespoke portfolios which are built specifically to meet your individual investment requirements and goals.

The advice itself is provided by an investment specialist who is employed as an investment manager employed within a specialist investment firm called a Discretionary Fund Management. These companies have a wealth of investment expertise, they are the market leaders in their areas of advice, providing whole of market advice. They also provide their own custody which means there is no platform charge this means each client account is insured to around two million pounds, which is an added benefit of using a discretionary fund manager.

The role of the investment manager can add a significant benefit to the management of your Investment/Pension Portfolio on a day to day basis. They will use the full range of their expertise and the expertise of the firm they work for, to ensure your portfolio is positioned correctly in the market, ensuring the portfolio is fully diversified to ensure that your investments are providing you the best possible returns in line with your individual goals and aspirations.